Am 19.01.2018 soll es zu einem weiteren Ethereum (ETH) Hard Fork kommen, bei dem ETZ (Ethereum Zero) entstehen soll.
Hier alle derzeitigen Infos:

“Eth is having hard fork on 19th Jan….
If and other big exchanges will support this snapshot then easily #eth will moon like #nxt…. ”

There is Hard-FORK Going to Happen on ETH (Ethereum) called EtherZero

Happening Approx on 19th Jan 2018 Between 19:00-21:00 at Block Height 4936270

As Per This FORK News, Each #ETH Holders will Get the Same Amount of ETZ aka EtherZero

ETH Price will Go Up Bcoz of This Big News You can Buy A Bag of ETH and Hold until 19th Jan

But As of Now We Don’t Have any News on Which Exchanges Going to Support This Fork Coin ETZ (EtherZero)

If All-Big Exchanges Support This Fork Coin. Then #ETH Will Hit MOON


Weitere Infos findet Ihr noch HIER.